Create the prospecting funnel that will boost your sales!

funnel , also called the sales funnel or sales pyramid , allows companies to better understand how they will transform strangers into prospects and then into customers.

It makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of the tools and campaigns put in place to generate new customers, particularly in BtoB. But also your commercial efficiency .

Here’s everything you need to know about the prospecting funnel and how to put it to work for your business!

What is the prospecting funnel?

The sales tunnel takes the form of an inverted pyramid which reconstructs the path that your target will follow until they become a customer.

The prospecting funnel allows you to establish the strategy to reach your target at the right time , convert them into a prospect by encouraging them to leave you their contact details, then into a qualified prospect, then into a customer.

As part of a web marketing strategy, to find customers through digital, you have to bring the prospecting funnel closer to the conversion funnel. 

good prospecting funnel should allow you to measure the quality of your sales cycle by calculating your conversion rate . It is thus possible to follow the path of prospects from their first contact to sales (or not) and improve what can be done to boost your sales performance .

Calculate your sales efficiency using the sales funnel

The concept of prospecting funnel is very important for companies because it acts as a filter that will sort all prospects according to whether they are qualified or not. The sales funnel therefore makes it possible to calculate the ratio of customers to the number of initial prospects .

Not all of your prospects will necessarily become customers.

Indeed, at the beginning, very few will be, it is in this way that you must take into account your activity. The prospecting funnel will allow you to combine all your traffic generation channels (Ads, SEO, blog, emailing, social networks…) and draw conclusions about your prospecting efficiency.

Let us take a simple and concrete example: during a trade fair dedicated to your activity, you retrieved the telephone numbers of prospects who can be qualified as potential buyers given the event in question.
So you have 100 phone numbers and the quality of your funnel will be judged by the number of prospects (here 100) who will be converted into customers.

The ratio of Number of prospects / Prospects converted should ideally be closer to 1. The closer this ratio is to 1, the more efficient your funnel will be and your better ability to convert. And if you manage to duplicate this system on all your marketing aspects, your business will only flourish.

Differentiate between different types of prospects

In order to increase your sales efficiency and not waste your energy (and time) on making sales proposals to the wrong people, it is important to differentiate leads from qualified prospects .

We then differentiate the MQL prospect from the SQL prospect.

The MQL or Marketing Qualified Lead corresponds to the prospect who has an interaction with one of your marketing proposals (leaving his contact details on the site, subscribing to the newsletter, downloading content, etc.). This lead allows you to start drawing the face of your potential buyer.

For example, if he downloads content on heated swimming pool maintenance, he can be categorized as a potential pool owner.

It is the switch from MQL to SQL that will determine whether to make a commercial proposal.

Note that if the prospect who is on your site requests a quote, he immediately becomes SQL.

The prospecting funnel and inbound marketing

Thanks to this method, you put your prospecting in automatic mode since it is the prospects who come to you.

How? ‘Or’ What ? By sending them the right content at the right time.
The SEO is part of conventional techniques Inbound marketing aimed at attracting your target on your website or blog responding to queries formulated them in the search engines.

Once people are on your site, you need to make sure to convert them into prospects by offering, in particular, premium content and calls to action adapted to their need (s).



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