Understand the difference between a blog and a website

For the uninitiated, seeing the difference between blog and website is not always obvious. However, creating a professional blog or an effective website is not quite the same thing.

If the two are very complementary, especially for your digital strategy, you will see that there is no need to choose a blog or a site . Do both!

Objective: Turn your visitors into customers

These tools have the same goal: to allow you to convert visitors into customers. So yes, we can say that basically, it’s the same thing.

These are two supports that must be animated, which will make you known on the web and will bring you customers .

One can also use the same software to create a blog and a site. Yes it’s possible ! WordPress is online software that can be used to create a website and blog.

1. A blog allows you to create content quickly and regularly

Unlike the site, the blog allows you to create pages efficiently thanks to the word processing tools integrated into your CMS (content management tool).
An idea, a key phrase, a plan, an article and it’s posted! This is a new page.

The goal is to post often and regularly on your blog, so that Google sees that you have regular activity and that it doesn’t forget about you. It’s a great way to show search engines that you’re active and pushing for quality content (informative, readable, and shared).

If the hairdresser in your neighborhood has created a blog and wants to reach the people of his neighborhood, he will write small articles on what is happening in the neighborhood, hairstyle trends … but always specifying that he touches this neighborhood in particular. It will therefore appear on the first Google page when doing a search for the neighborhood.

The goal of the blog is to succeed in reaching your target for this we have developed a solution that allows you to be supported in your natural referencing.

2. The website can convert efficiently

Another difference is that the website is more commercial . It aims to convince your visitors of the quality of your products or service. It gives arguments on the quality of your products. It reassures by presenting quality guarantees, by allowing customers to give their opinion or tell the genesis or history of your company.

Blogging isn’t meant to make real money for you, it’s there to attract customers, make them want to use your work and your skills.

The site, on the other hand, is there to trigger the act of purchase and convince the customer . If we follow an order it will be: Search then Blog then Site.

I take the example of the carpenter, who will create a blog to write pages on the ideal wood to choose for a garden table or even on practical advice for repairing a broken chair … And on his site he will put the services that ‘he delivers: repair, creation, sale, manufacture, sculpture … with a page for each model he offers, etc.

3. Animate your blog, not your site

In addition, a website is animated less regularly than a blog. You have to animate your blog while the site changes two to three times a year. In the mind, your blog is the news of your company, your area of ​​expertise or your core business. While the site is all about you and your skills.

A site is changed to add a new offer or improve the presentation of existing ones and better convert into prospects and customers. A blog comes alive regularly with new content.
The very principle of the blog is to develop a community with which you will maintain relationships of interest around the same field. It is therefore easier for a blogger to make himself known and to have a community. Hence the interest for you to become a blogger.

4. The blog, a very specific site module

A blog presents pages or articles chronologically or thematically with the last published at the top.

The site has a more classic presentation that we are also used to, with pages that present the offers and services.

A site can include a blog. We often see it with a “News” or “News” section. It’s even recommended if your site creation solution allows it. This is the case with WordPress or Jimdo, site creation solutions are often old blog creation solutions. The blog is then not separated from the site.

You have now understood that the blog and the site complement each other very well , and that there is a difference between blog and website



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